Top Gear Live Show

Jeremy Clarkson‘We’ve turned your favourite motoring television show into the most spectacular motoring theatre show in the universe. We’ll be taking all the best bits of Top Gear, and ambitiously attempting them live in our action arena. I’m sure it will work out well!’ – Jeremy Clarkson 


What is Top Gear Live?

Top Gear Live is a spectacular live-action version of the famous TV programme. Written and produced by the Top Gear Team it takes the best bits of Top Gear, and attempts to perform them live in our action arena! 

Flaming Rally CarsFollowing months of hammering things in Clarkson's shed, the Top Gear Live team are almost ready to pull the dust cover away and reveal the next instalment of the greatest car theatre show ever to tour the world....Probably!

For weeks mechanics have been desperately welding giant bits of steel together, creating what we hope will be a truly ground breaking stunt, and not simply a mock-Tudor conservatory for James May.

Eager not to miss out on the fun Jezza and May have been equally hard at work creating a few theatrical masterpieces of their own. Predictably, details from the boys are slim but we're pretty sure it won't involve a trapeze act or juggling....unless Jeremy can attach a V8 to a swing.

Colour Changing CarsSo the Top Gear Live tour is back! No more standing in barren concrete car parks watching strange men in branded hats doing donuts in the rain for you, it's time to welcome back the future of motoring theatre, and let us thrill you for a bit. Check back soon for more updates on The Prototype Tour! 


Parental discretion advised: Top Gear live is not recommended for children under 3 years old and parents may find some content unsuitable for children so parental discretion is recommended. It should be noted that Top Gear Live is extremely loud and some young children may find this painful for their ears.  


Unauthorised photography or use of recorded equipment is prohibited and strictly forbidden. No person may use within the live show any equipment which is capable of recording or transmitting (by digital or other means) any audio, visual material in relation to the show.

Duration of the Live theatre show is approximately 80 minutes .

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